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TOP RATED Carpet Cleaning

Advantage Kwik Dry would like to say thank you for trusting us with their carpet cleaning since 1992!

Our company was founded in 1992 by Mickey Bennett with a promise to deliver the most outstanding experience possible with a carpet cleaning company. We offer our clients our guarantee to deliver exceptional service on all levels. You can count on top-notch customer experience from when you place the call to book your appointment, to when a technician arrives to clean your residence or business.

Advantage Kwik-Dry is a full-service carpet cleaning and restoration company primarily servicing the Rockford, IL and surrounding areas, including; Janesville, WI, Beloit, WI, Loves Park, IL, Freeport, IL & Machesney Park, IL.

In addition to our carpet cleaning service in Rockford, IL we also operate a water damage division, Flood Pros, can also help you with all of your water damage needs. From water extraction to full reconstruction, we can handle it all. No job is too large. Give us a call today!

We have been servicing Rockford, Belvidere, Freeport, Beloit, Roscoe, Janesville, and surrounding areas for years. Call us now to book your appointment!

When it comes to eco-friendly carpet cleaning in Rockford, IL, there’s only one agency to call for deep clean at an affordable cost. Advantage Kwik Dry carpet cleaning offers the most thorough cleaning you’ve ever received, or we won’t charge you a dime- guaranteed!

Top Reasons to Choose Advantage Kwik Dry: We have the experience necessary to deliver to the high standards our clients expect. We won’t make claims that we can’t back up, we’ll demonstrate why we are the #1 agency offering carpet cleaning in Rockford, IL. We’ve been serving the community for more than 25 years and have earned a reputation throughout the region as a company that delivers on our promises.

Our proven 12-step process gets carpets incredibly clean, not just on the surface where you can see the results, but under the fibers where dirt and soil can be difficult to detect. Our Kwik-dry process ensures your carpets are not over soaked, so you’ll experience a much faster dry time with no annoying residue. Our Most Popular ServiceOur 8-step carpet cleaning process is the one most recommended by residential customers; we also provide additional carpet cleaning if needed. Our 8-step cleaning method begins with a walkthrough of your home to locate any trouble spots that could require some extra attention from our technicians. If we see a stain that cannot be removed entirely, we’ll mention it to you before we go to work.

Following the walkthrough, we’ll move furniture, apply pre-spray and pre-spot formulas, and begin the soil extraction phase of our process. Using the latest equipment available, we’ll thoroughly rinse carpets in such a way that will avoid over wetting. Neutralizer and post-spot formulas will complete the process and leave your carpets ready for inspection. We Offer Professional Advice.

After looking over your carpets, we’ll let you know whether we recommend the 8-step or 12-step carpet cleaning process. If you have pets, let us know beforehand, and we’ll use a special enzyme deodorizer called Pet ’n’ Fresh that will remove pet odors from carpets or upholstery. We offer many additional options, including Grand Slam carpet cleaning conditioner, Scotchgard carpet protectant, and Break Down degreaser for tough areas.

See the ResultsYou can see firsthand the results of our professional carpet cleaning in Rockford, IL just by visiting our Photo Gallery online. We’re so sure you’re going to love having like-new carpets again that we’ll guarantee the results before we begin the work.

Save On Your Next Carpet Cleaning in Rockford, IL with carpet pros from Advantage Kwik Dry are committed to saving you money on cleaning services, which is why we offer a selection of money-saving coupons on our website. Check back often to find monthly coupons on carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, vent cleaning, and other services we provide. You can download the coupon from our website or call a tech with any questions you have.

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Premier Carpet Cleaning

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Walk Through We walk through your home or business and note any trouble areas that may need extra attention. If there’s an area we cannot remove 100% of the stain, we will let you know.

Tile & Grout Service

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Grout is a very porous material which makes it difficult to clean. Another obstacle to cleaning grout is the various kinds of grout contractors have used over the years, making it difficult to find one solvent cleaner that works for every kind of grout.

Pet Odor Removal

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Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics. It can also create an unhealthy indoor environment. When urine is first deposited onto a floor or fabric, it has a pH of between 5 and 6, which makes it acidic


Welcome to Advantage Kwik-Dry: Your Trusted Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners!

Premium Carpet Cleaning Tile and Grout Pet Odor Removal

Air Duct Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Services Urine Damage Treatment

Water Removal Sewage Cleanup Major Odor Treatment

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We are here to clean all the fabrics in your home.

carpet cleaning, Rockford Illinois Carpet Cleaning


No matter what size your business is, you want to keep it clean.

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Furniture is usually a big investment in your home.

carpet cleaning, Rockford Illinois Carpet Cleaning


Grout is a very porous material which makes it difficult to clean.

carpet cleaning, Rockford Illinois Carpet Cleaning


Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics.

carpet cleaning, Rockford Illinois Carpet Cleaning


Flood Pros Disaster Restoration Services is the water damage

Advantage Kwik-Dry offers these services to the community of Rockford, IL

  • Commercial Cleaning and Restoration
  • Residential Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Fabric & Fiber Protection
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Urine Damage Treatment
  • Hardwood Cleaning & Recoating
  • Oriental & Area Rugs
  • Drapery Cleaning
  • Pet Odor Removal We will saturate the affected areas with our enzyme deodorizer, let it dwell. Then we have a special sub surface extraction tool that is used to extract all the way to the carpet pad.
  • Major odor treatment This process involves pulling up the carpet in the affected area. Cleaning and treating the backing. Removing and replacing the pad. Then we treat and seal the subfloor. Finally reinstalling the carpet.
  • Water Removal Our water damage division, Flood Pros, can help you with all of your water damage needs. We are a full-service restoration company.
  • Sewage Cleanup

Advantage Kwik Dry has been servicing Rockford, IL and surrounding areas since 1992. We are your carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals. We are a local, family-owned company, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction. Call now to book your appointment for service in Rockford, IL.

Kwik-Dry Quality Service

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Air Ducts Cleaning

Trust us to provide air duct cleaning services for homes and businesses to ensure high-quality performing systems with regular maintenance. Flood Pros strives to make sure our services help you save money and provide clean air to breathe. Our experts will first provide an inspection of your system and give recommendations on the best way to address your air quality issues. Then when the scope of work is agreed upon we will give you a price before the work begins.

Benefits of air duct cleaning include:

  • Restore and raise efficiency of your HVAC systems
  • Eliminates bad odors
  • Reduces risk of mold growth and circulation of dust and allergens
  • Reduces symptoms of allergies of occupants
  • Reduces the need for dusting

Trust our certified and experienced technicians to make your home a cleaner and safer environment to live. Locally owned and Operated, our staff will treat you like you are part of our flood pros family.

carpet cleaning, Rockford Illinois Carpet Cleaning

Pet Odor Removal

Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics. It can also create an unhealthy indoor environment. When urine is first deposited onto a floor or fabric, it has a pH of between 5 and 6, which makes it acidic. It is easier to remove it right then, when it’s fresh. Once it dries it turns “alkaline”, or to a higher pH of between 10 and 12, making it much more difficult to remove. The warm acid state of the urine offers a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which begin to flourish almost immediately. In this original acid state the urine begins to oxidize and react with the carpet to create a color change, which will become permanent if the urine is not removed immediately. Some of this color change can be attributed to the strong ammonia that forms as the urine passes through bacterial and chemical change. If left for days or weeks, depending on the fabric or floor type, it will change the dye structure, therefore causing permanent staining. Even if the soluble deposits are removed, the damage to the dye structure may already be done.

How Professionals Remove Odor

Remember, in order to remove the odor, all of the alkaline salt deposits the urine leaves behind must be completely removed. This can be quite extensive and time consuming. In worse cases, all of the following steps will be done. When damage is not so bad a few steps are left out.

  • Step 1: Pull up Carpet
  • Step 2: Remove affected pad
  • Step 3: Clean back of carpet
  • Step 4: Treat floor with an enzyme treatment
  • Step 5: Seal floor if needed with an odor barrier
  • Step 6: Treat back of carpet with enzyme treatment
  • Step 7: Install new tack strip
  • Step 8: Install new pad
  • Step 9: Re-install carpet
  • Step 10: Clean carpet
carpet cleaning, Rockford Illinois Carpet Cleaning

Water Damage Restoration

Events happen in unimaginable ways, if you have been a victim of a water leak or flooding in your home or business you can count on the professionals at Flood Pros Restoration to be there for you any time 24/7/365. Responding within an hour, our technician will assess the damage, get you dried up, and will be there for you throughout the process of getting your home back to its pre-loss condition. Contact us today for a FREE preliminary inspection.

Kwik-Dry Restoration is our sister company and offers many other services that include:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Sewage Cleanup and Disinfection
  • Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Basement Waterproofing

For more information please visit our sites at and for our Southern Wisconsin region you can visit

carpet cleaning, Rockford Illinois Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning


No matter what size your business is, you want to keep it clean. Your buildings inside is a reflection on how you do business. Dirty floors may be seen as unorganized or unprofessional. Let Advantage Kwik-Dry breath life into those high traffic and worn out areas. Our trucks carry the Industry’s most powerful Hot Water Extraction Equipment (HWE) Our fleet of truck mounted hot water extraction equipment is the most technologically advanced HWE system available. We can handle many problems that other companies simply can’t. Our years of experience and knowledge in chemistry and in the environmental sciences ensures a safe and healthy working environment for your employees and customers. We are a strong and growing fleet and can custom fit a one-time cleaning or restoration maintenance program around your business’ schedule.

High Performance Portable Extraction (HPPE)

Sometimes you have to go where our trucks can’t. That’s why we use HPPE. This allows us to take our show on the road to areas that some of our competitors can’t. Maybe your stain is at a place that just can’t be reached by our truck. In that case our HPPE is just another route to take. Our chemistry background will leave many of our competitors in the dust because this is what we do year-round. Our goal is providing our customers the best possible result. We are constantly training our employees to help build our skills and our customer’s trust. We leave nothing to chance our integrity, or yours.

carpet cleaning, Rockford Illinois Carpet Cleaning


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